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Katie L.
United States
Current Residence: your kitchen, eating your pickles
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: 8GB iPod touch (ネジロウ)
  • Reading: Wicked
  • Playing: Pokémon Pearl
  • Drinking: Pepsi
Yay, more memes. 8D

Favorite (Filler up!!)

Color: I actually don't have a favorite color anymore. o.o I like a lot... It used to be white and bright orange...

Food: Dill pickles and grilled cheese :heart:

Wild Animal: Pandas, cranes (do these count...?)

Domestic Animal: Uh... I like goldfish... They're quiet and don't need much... XD

Television Show: That's not animated? iCarly, Heroes... Not-Football.

Movie: Spirited Away

Book: Too many to list! XD

Author: ...uh... *points to above answer*

Poet: ... *shrugs* I really don't read much poetry aside from what my friends write. :) I think they write good stuff.

Poem: *points up*

Drink: Vanilla Coke

Alcoholic Drink: NOES. D<

Comic: Bone by Jeff Smith

Art Style: Whatever best suits the piece. :)

Font: Verdana

Website: Wikipedia and MangaFox. 8D oh, dA too... I guess...

Anime: ...A lot. :D

Manga: More a lot. :D

Video Game: More more a lot. :D

Board Game: Clue and Monopoly. XD

Sport: I don't follow sports...

Style of Architecture: Whatever holds up the building best. :3

Place: In bed, asleep. XD

City: Pittsburgh. :heart:

Roleplaying Game: Uhhhh.... :D A lot?

Fandom: A lot a lot?

Smell: Bacon, pickles, and roses.

Holiday: New Years

Villian: Tabuu from Smash Bros Brawl. 8D

Hero: Yoda! 8D

Children's Story: The Giving Tree. It makes me cry...

Stone: Turquoise and onyx

Gem: Sapphires. :3

Makeup/Shampoo/etc: I don't wear makeup, but as far as shampoo goes, something that smells like vanilla. :heart:

Brand of Clothing: *shrugs*

Snack Food: Pickles? 8D

Candy: Twix bars, Tootsie rolls, and Twizzlers.

Soda: Vanilla coke. :D

Texture: Fuzzy.

Season: Spring. All the trees are so pretty!

Month: May. :) End of the school year and all the trees have flowers on them.

Song: Too many! XD

Musician: I don't really like just one artist. :)

Style of Music: Again, I don't really ahve just one... XD

Favorite work of art: I don't have one.

Favorite Artist: Waaaay too many.

Favorite Childhood Show: HEY ARNOLD!!!

Period of History: ... *shrugs* :D

Photographer: Too many again. XD

Type of Bedding: Layers upon layers of quilts. :heart:

Hairstyle: Long and straight.

Mystical Animal: Kitsune? :D Maybe?

World Mythology: A lot. XD

Workout Activity: Walking, playing with Julian. XD

Hobby: Reading, drawing, making up stories that never get finished...

Gift You Recieved From a Friend: Hmm... I can't really say a favorite, but one of my closest is a special necklace from a special friend. :3

From a Family Member: My college tuition from my dad? XD

Accessory: The necklace mentioned above. ^_^

Toy: Bubbles and bubble wands! :D

Herb: Parsley and dill. :D

Flower: Lotus :3

Tree: Willow trees. :)

Yaoi: I don't really have one...

Yuri: *points up*

:iconthe-new-order: :iconpendeoclub: :iconelysian-academy: :iconcastlethatneverwas: :iconthereapersgame: :icone-g-g:

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You plus me, I'ma tell you one MORE TIMMMME

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So we share a common first name/nickname and we share a common last initial. :I
I think WE should talk more madame. |3 Hit me up sometime. <3
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*clings to* ._. Where are you my pickle fairy?! QAQ
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thank you for the watch on my new account, Katie~! ^___^ also, happy late Birthday!
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Thanks. XD
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